We harness the strength and expertise of all Electra Group subsidiaries to develop powerful solutions and to undertake challenging Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in fields such as renewable energy, public facility construction, and large-scale infrastructure. Electra Concessions' unrivaled experience, know-how, and financial stability make it the perfect leader for PPP projects through SPC, EPC, and O&M companies.


Electra Concessions was established as the direct result of the Electra Group's years of experience in innovative, broad-reaching undertakings. We are responsible for the development, financing, management, and inspections of a wide variety of complex, large-scale turnkey projects in the construction, transportation, desalination, water, energy, and public infrastructure sectors, where we provide exceptional opportunities for all Electra subsidiaries to demonstrate the full range of their technological and logistical capabilities. By uniting the varied strengths of Electra for large-scale multidisciplinary projects, Electra Concessions is propelling the Electra Group to new heights throughout Israel and abroad.