Electra Concessions' long-standing reputation for professionalism, efficiency, and stability stems from its involvement in numerous high-profile PPP and BOT projects around Israel.

Our activities now represent an exciting new route for business development. Starting out with conventional high-voltage electric infrastructure, Electra's new vision includes expansion into construction, infrastructure, electromechanical, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, sewage treatment, and gas distribution projects. Leveraging the synergy of the Electra Group, we organize, finance, manage, build, and operate complex infrastructure projects of all kinds.
The Electra Group's extensive experience in large-scale public BOT and turnkey projects is unmatched throughout the industry. We take full responsibility for every detail and stage of the project, including financing, construction, operation, and maintenance. This draws on the core competencies of multiple Electra Group subsidiaries, and Electra Concessions coordinates them all for streamlined efficiency.
Electra Concessions has the technical expertise and the financial stability to ensure impressive return investments. Our outstanding operations and reliability have guaranteed unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. 

Electra Concessions is the key to the Electra Group's competitive edge for large-scale energy and infrastructure projects. We specialize in executing projects that are based on renewable energy sources, such as solar power, wind power, and energy generated from pumped storage. These cost-effective power generation methods ensure that power stations will operate at optimal efficiency for the long term. Our infrastructure activities include ambitious mega-projects such as the Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Plant, Camp Ariel Sharon IDF training campus, Tel Aviv Courthouse, and Bar Ilan University dormitory complex

Areas of Operation: 

  • Infrastructure
  • Construction (General, M&E, Elevators)
  • Energy – hydroelectric, wind, solar, and conventional power generation and distribution
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Burning of Waste Material
  • Gas Distribution
  • Joint Ventures with International Partners