Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Plant

  • Established:
    20 years
  • Budget:
    NIS 1.8 billion
  • Project Description:

    The NIS 1.8 billion hydroelectric power plant pumps water between high and low ponds through a 10-story underground energy-generating turbine, producing more than 300 MW of power. During periods of low power usage, the turbine pumps water into the upper reservoir to be dropped down again when needed. This is one of the most efficient ways to produce and store large volumes of electricity, with the ability to meet high demand. Electra is responsible for the project's financing, construction, and operation, and will manage the site for 20 years.
    This project was carried out by Electra Construction, Electra Energy, Electra M&E, and Electra Elevators. Electra FM is involved in ongoing operations.